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American Bobtail Kittens for Sale

American bobtail cat is really distinctive among other cats thanks to its shortened tail by its genes. It is wild look with muscle and strong for hunting, however it is not as wild as it looks but friendly and not shy to stranger but not that vocal. American bobtail takes 3 years to get its full-grown body that reach up to 13 pounds, yes, it is medium to large breed. It is really active and intelligent that love to play outside walking around with its family.

Adopting American bobtail kittens is not a work as they are really easy do adapt with new surroundings. The kittens are relatively healthy and easy to maintain their health thanks to their genes. However, regular grooming such as combing, nail trimming, dental treatment is necessary as well as bathing once a week.

Where to buy?

There are a bunch of places for you to get American bobtail cats, but having them from reliable breeders is always better as you don’t have to worry about its health. Here some recommendations you can pick to have your American bobtail cat.


This place provides you bunch of breeders list that you search by their location. You can also search by color, sex, age or even pattern so you can search the cat as specific as possible. Information about the cat listed in this place is completed with information and sometimes price so it will not misleading.


This place offers straight forward search for cat breeds and their breeders. You can pick the location the list will be shown with brief information. In some cases, the breeders don’t show the price so you need to contact them for further information.


Just like what you can see in the websites above, this website provides you simple search for car breed that you want to adopt. You can set the location, sex and age so what is shown will match with your preferences. Price information is not always available but you can always get further information by contacting the breeders directly.