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Birman Kittens for Sale Near Me


What to know about Birman cat?

Birman cats look elegant with silky white fur in their medium coat. However, they are not as soft as how they look, instead they are hefty and muscular cat. Burman is one of popular cat breed that has similarities with Siamese bit in relatively bigger body. 

They are classified to medium to large cat that the full-grown cat can reach 12 pounds. They have beautiful blue eyes and four fluffy legs with ‘white socks’. You will generally find them in cream or lilac but they have various fur colour from blue, seal, chocolate to fawn.

Having Birman kittens is not that difficult but they need some regular grooming to maintain their beautiful hair, regular combing and nail trimming are needed. You need to take them to vet regularly as the breed is known to have periodontal diseases.

Where to buy?

Since Birman cat is always in the top-ten list cat breeds in the US, it is not difficult to look for Birman kitten for adoption. However, finding reputable breeders is important to make sure that you get healthy Birman kitten. Here is some recommendations you can consider.


This is a website that offers you a straight forward search for Birman kitten breeders near you. You can set the location, see information in the result list, see the price and get the breeders’ contact number. Some breeders write the price down in the information box but some breeders don’t.


This place offers simple search for cat breeders around you. Just like what you can get from the website above, this website allows you to set the location, sex, age and other preferences to make the result match with your preferences. Price is usually written in the information box.


This website provide not only search for Birman kitten but also brief information related to the cat you are looking for. You can set the location, set some additional preferences like age and sex, see the brief information about the cat and see the price if the breeders write it down.