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Cat Tree for Maine Coon Cats


We all agree that cat tree is beneficial for our cat. It helps our cat to maintain physical and mental system to help them grow healthily both inside and outside. However, having a Maine coon cat in our home is little bit different. 

As Maine coon cats can grow up to 20 inches long and 16 inches high, they need cat furniture that big enough in which they can fit. It should not only big but also sturdy enough to support Maine coon cat weight that can reach 20 pounds on scale. Here we try to see the characteristic of cat tree for Maine coon cat to make sure that it will be useful once you bought it.

  1. Cat tree for Maine coon cat should be strong enough to support full weight of your cats.
  2. If it has more than one levels, it should have proper length between the levels you it is challenging enough for your cat
  3. Cat tree for Maine coon cat should be made from easy-for-cleaning material as Maine coon, which has long hair, may shed his hair on the tree
  4. It has strong construction that is able to support multiple weights as you may have more than one cats.
  5. The base should be large enough to make sure that the cat tree is steady when your cats play on it.

As cat trees sold in the market is generally provided for general cat, they may not suitable enough to buy for you Maine coon cat, so here we try to find some recommendation that you can pick

Queenspace XXL

This cat tree has large base that yon can even sit on it. This cat tree has one base only with large and sturdy bottom base to make sure you cat will be save playing on it.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Climber.

This is a perfect cat tree for cat club. It has many upper bases, bridges, and levels that will challenge your cat to stay active together with its fellow friends.

Prestige Maine Coon Cat Tower

This cat tower has multiple bases and levels that will encourage your cats to be active. Made with high quality construction, this cat tree offers durability to ensure your cats can play on it safely. Don’t worry about how to assemble it because you need just 5 minutes to assemble with no tools required.