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Japanese Bobtail Kittens for Sale

Japanese bobtail cat is frequently seen on tv that represent Japanese life. This cat breed is different with its unique shortened tail, it resembles rabbit tail rather than cat tail. This is a medium sized cat with lean muscle body, medium coat with lovely wide eyes that attract people easily. As how it looks elegant on its appearance, the personality is also elegant. This cat is intelligent yet not that vocal cat. It friendly and easy to adapt with stranger or even with your dog.

Adopting a Japanese bobtail kittens can be a good idea as this breed is relatively care-free. They are relatively healthy with almost no genetical diseases. They have medium coat so grooming is not the thing you have to do really often, just like nail trimming or hair combing. However, taking them to vet periodically is needed to avoid periodontal diseases.

Where to buy?

Japanese bobtail kittens are originated from Japan but now they have spread all over the world, you can find the from the breeders near you. However, it is important to make sure that the breeders are reputable in providing healthy cat. Here some recommendations you can check.


This website provide you list of breeders that you can pick by location or another preferences like cat’s ages, sex, color or pattern. You will find list of them completed with brief information and how to contact them for further information. Some breeders write the price down to get their cat but some of them just make it blank.


This website offers you easy to search for breeders around you. Just select your preferences and location than you will be led to a bunch of breeders that match with your preferences. Beside of that, this website provides brief information about cat that you can read to know more about the cat you are looking for.


This is a website with straight forward search for cat breed including Japanese Bobtail. You will get bunch of breeders list completed with brief information about the cat they are selling. Simply just call the number written in the information box and you will get further information about the cat you are looking for.