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Maine Coon Cat Price USA

A lot of people love Maine Coon cat because of their size. They are big so that adult Maine Coon can reach 18 inches long and weighs up to 20 pounds, they can be as big as a dog. Their appearance is also beautiful with long hair and bushy tail. 

They are also friendly and love to be with people. With such beautiful thing that they have, do you want to adopt one? Here we are going to see where you can find them and how much they cost, check this out.

Finding good Maine Coon cats means that you need to find reputable breeders to make sure that you will get healthy and happy cat. It is also recommended to find breeders that apply some special treatments to their cat to maintain their health such as health screening, spaying before adoption, and microchipping. Here some recommendations for you to check.


This place offers straight forward search for breeders nationwide in the USA. You can find bunch of breeders selling their Maine coon completed with photos and information about the cat. In some cases, the breeders don’t write the price down but you can always contact them for further information.


This website offer list of registered breeders in the USA. They are registered in the TICA ‘The International Cat Association’ that will be a gold ticket for you to get healthy Mine coon. Registered breeders mean that they have passed some strive standard such as screening for genes defect, health screening, vaccination history etc. Some cat is sold up to $1000 or in some cases it can reach $2500.


Go to this website if you don’t want to bother yourself whether you buy cat from reputable breeders or not. This place offers list of breeders that are all registered in TICA. The breeders apply strive standard such as screening for health, genes defect, disease and more.