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Russian Blue Cat Cost

About Russian Blue cat.

Russian blue cat is elegant yet adorable cat with short dense blue coat as its distinction. The name is Russian but may see it appears in black or white. The dense double coat on its body is the thing that makes Russian blue is different from other breeds beside of its vivid green eyes. Russian blue cat is medium to large cat with firm and muscular body. Although this cat look well-built outside it is actually a polite and friendly inside. It is playful and intelligent yet friendly and easy to adapt with new surroundings, strangers or another pets.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

Although Russian Blue cats are originated from Russia, but they have spread all around the world thanks to their beauty. They are the top-ten most wanted cats but they sit on the top 20 most popular cat breeds that cost you from around $800 - $1,200 or even higher. Their price is determined not only by their health or treatment that they have got but also by their appearance such as eyes or fur. Here are some website where you can check their price or even you can buy them.


This website is well known in providing list of breeders that sell Russian blue. You can set the location so you can see how much it costs near you. Some breeders don’t show the price. However, brief information and contact number is provided.


Another website where you can get information about Russian Blue cat is here. Just like the website above, you can set the location and another preference like size, coat and colour so you can get what you exactly want. This website offers list of Russian blue completed with brief information, address and breeder contact number so you can get the further info right from the breeder.