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Somali Cat for Sale

Somali cat is medium sized breed with relatively long hair but not as long as that of Persian. They have many colors but mainly they appear in golden brown. They have muscled body with long legs indicating that they are active cats. Don’t get wrong with their long hair because this cat is energic and keen on playing outdoor. This breed is solitude and enjoy to be alone however they enjoy to be with human too.

Before deciding to get Somali cats in your house you need to know what they need so you can be prepared for their behaviour and need. In term of grooming they need regular treatment to make sure their long hair is free from tangles. As they have not-that-long hair so it is easier to do some grooming compare to do so on, let’s say, Persian. Don’t forget to feed them with balanced foot to keep their ideal body measurement. You can get advices from your veterinarian to meet with your cats’ need based on their age, lifestyle and health condition.

Having Somali cats in your house is a good idea as they are adorable yet gentle and friendly cats. However, getting Somali cat from reputable breeder is important to make sure that you get healthy cats as you want. Here we give some recommendations.

This place provides you list of breeders that you can choose nationwide. You can choose your preferences, breeds, location and even price that meet your preference.

The special from this place is that all Somalis you want to adopt get special treatments. Beside of usual treatment like screening or microchipping, they also apply spaying to make sure your cat will neutral from its familiar surroundings.

This website provides you information of breeders that available in your area. You will find straight forward search menu that can lead you to your preferences.