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Toyger Cat For Sale

What Does Toyger Cat Looks Like?

Toyger cat looks like a tiger in small package but it has no wild blood so this breed won’t eat you. As how this breed has its name, this breed is intended to duplicate tiger.
It has branching stripes with orange and brown main colour, just like tiger. Toyger cat is created by crossing domestic cat with Bengal resulting muscular cat with typically short hair.
You may notice it has wildness but this cat is actually gentle, friendly and playful. This cat breed is not that energetic cat breed that will play and run all day but lay often with family member indoor.

Is It Save to Have Toyger Cat?

Getting Toyger cat in your house is a good idea as you can get a friendly cat to accompany you and your family. However, knowing how your cat behave and what they need so you can get healthy and happy cat for your family.

Toyger cats spend almost all of their time indoor so some cat trees can be important for them. Don’t forget to spend some of your time with them as they like to be petted and to cuddle.

You need also to feed them with balanced food as they are typically not energic so they need less carbohydrates to avoid obesity.

Where Can I Find It?

If you are really into Toyger cat we have some recommendations that you can choose the one that meet with your preferences:

Urban Exotic Cat
This place is reputable in providing bunch of choices of Toyger cat with price range of $3000 - $10,000 within USA. They give guarantee of healthy, litter box trained and microchipped cats.

This modest place offers ease with straight forward search for many cats you want. This place is suitable for you who wants obstacle-free search for car adoption.

You can get Toyger cat with various price. Gotkitty offers not only cat for adoption in the USA but also worldwide.

This web offer wide range choice including Toyger cat that you can choose directly from the breeder. This provides breeders information so you can connect with them to see what you want. Price range is not available here as you can only get the cat from the breeders that affiliate with the web.