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Applehead Siamese Kittens for Sale

About Applehead Siamese breed.

Applehead Siamese cat is one of the most recognised cat breeds even for those who are not cat lover. The dark triangle pointed face is distinctive among another cat breeds. It differs not only with another breeds but also with modern Siamese cat which has slender and angular face. It is medium to large cat with single short coat. In term of personality, Applehead Siamese cat is active yet not that vocal cat.

They are curious but little bit lazy that they like to spend their time sleeping near people. Applehead Siamese cats are not complicated cat so grooming is something easy to do. As they have short coat, you don’t have to do combing and brushing daily. However, teeth cleaning is necessary to do to avoid periodontal diseases.

Where to get Applehead Siamese kittens?

Applehead Siamese cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the US so that adopting the kittens is really easy. You can find them from cat breeders around you, but make sure that you get them from reputable breeders to avoid some problem. Here is some recommendation you can check to know where you can get Applehead Siamese kitten.


This website offers easy to navigate search box with straight forward result. You can set the location and some other preferences to get your perfect cat. Price is not always available in the information box but you can see the contact number so you can get further information about the cat and the breeder.


This web provides search box for cat around you by setting your preferred location and you will be shown list of breeders and the cat completed with the information and sometimes price. You can get contact number or address for further contact.


This website allows you to find cat around you with some preferences like location, age, sex, colour and pattern. Beside of that, you can get some brief information about the cat you are looking for to understand it more.