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Birman Cats for Sale Near Me


About Birman cat.

Originated in Myanmar, Birman cat may look like Siamese cat but they are different. Birmans are medium sized cat breed with faded colour on their coat. They may appear in chocolate, lilac, or brown but with deeper colour on the point coat. 

The body is muscular with firm bone and medium coat, but when you carry it you will notice that these cats are heftier than how they look. Unlike Siamese that is relatively quiet, Birman is more talkative and playful.

Birmans require less grooming as their coat is not easy to tangle. However, weekly combing and brushing is better than never, as well as nail trimming and ear cleaning. To avoid periodontal diseases, regular teeth cleaning is required.

Where to buy?

Birmans are not as familiar as Siamese but you can get Birmans easily near you. However, you need to make sure that you get one from reputable breeders to avoid health problem or genes defect. Here are some recommendations for you where you can get Birman cat for sale near you.


This website allows you to find Birmans near you simple by setting the location you want. Here you can find list of breeders and cats with their detailed information so you can get what is perfect for you. You can also find contact number and price in the description box for further information.


This is another website you can visit to find prefer cat for you. Just like the website above, this website offers you a simple search for breeders and cats around you based on the location you are preferred. You will also find brief information about the breed you are looking for deeper insight.


This website hassle free search for cat in local area. Set the location and breed and you will get a list of breeders and cats around you completed with detailed information and price so you will get right what you want.