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Burmese Cat Breeders Near Me

About Burmese cat

Some people may get wrong recognising Burmese cat as Siamese cat as they look identical. However, they are different cat breed. Burmese is medium sized-cat with interesting plain coat with deeper colour on the coat point. 

It means that the colour appears deeper on the face, ear, legs and tail. The cat is muscle with firm boning indicating an active cat. However, Burmese is a friendly cat that will adapt to new environment easily.

In term of grooming, Burmese cat requires low grooming so you don’t have to spend a lot of time for it. Weekly hair combing is enough as well as monthly nail trimming. To avoid periodontal diseases, it is necessary to take Burmese cat to vet for teeth cleaning.

Burmese Cat Breeders

You can find Burmese cast in some breeders easily around your area as they are quite popular cat here in US. However, if you want to adopt one, a reputable breeder is a must to make sure that your cat is healthy and far from genes defect. Here we have some recommendation where to find breeders around you.


If you want a website that focus on Burmese then this website is for you. It doesn’t only provide some information about Burmese cat but it provides list of reputable breeders across USA that may be helpful for those who want adopt Burmese from reputable breeders.


This website offer advance search for breeders around you based on the location in the search section. You will be led to a list of breeders around you completed with brief information that may be helpful for you to decide which breeders you want most.


Another website that offer simple search for breeders in You can set the location and some other preferences on the search section to show a list of breeders nearby. There will be a contact number that may help you to get in touch with the breeders for further information.