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Burmese Cats for Sale Near Me


Burmese cats, you may think that this breed is Siamese in the first glance but they are different. The easiest thing you can notice is that their colour is different. Siamese cats are born white with blue eyes as they are influenced by form of albinism. 

While Burmese is born in colour with vivid green or golden eyes colour. Burmese is medium sized breed with muscular body and firm boning, but their personality is not as wild as how it looks on the outside. Burmese cat is active and playful cat but it not that talkative.

Having Burmese cat in your house is easy since this breed is relatively healthy and has less genes diseases. In term of grooming, Burmese cat is low grooming need. The coat is short so weekly combing and brushing is enough. Another common grooming like nail trimming and teeth cleaning is good to do than never.

Where to buy?

As Burmese cat is relatively popular you can find them easily in breeders nearby you. However, it is better to check if your breeder is reputable to avoid some health problem or genes defect.


This place allows you to find Burmese for sale near you as you can set the location based on postal code or city you are living. You will get list of cats and breeders around you and detailed information so you can see if the cat is suitable for you. Price and contact number is available, too.


Go to and you can search for Burmese cat for sale near you. You will get list of breeders that sell Burmese cat and see the detailed information to know more about the cat. Price and contact number are available so you can get in touch to get further information.


This is a website that you can only get Burmese cat inside. You can choose your region so it will find you the nearest Burmese kitten you can adopt. Contact number is available for further information.