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Burmese Kittens for Sale Near Me

Burmese cat is well known as identical twin of Siamese, they share same faded coat colour with deeper colour only on the point coat like face, ears, legs and tail. However, Siamese gains the faded colour because of its albinism while Burmese’s is truly faded. That is also the reason why Burmese has coloured eyes from golden to vivid green while Siamese is blue as the effect of albinism.

Burmese cats gain popularity in the US as they are relatively quieter than Siamese but they retain their activeness and friendliness. Burmese cats strong and healthy as they have less genes diseases and require fewer grooming needs. Their short hair is enough with weekly combing and brushing while nail trimming is enough once a month.

Adopting Burmese kittens.

With all these plus-point that Burmese cats have, you may be interested adopting one. However, adopting the kittens is better as they may adapt better with surrounding, people in the house or even other pet. Here we’ve got some recommendations where you can find your next Burmese kitten in for your family.


This website is really simple as it offers you straight forward search for Burmese cats and any other breeds. You can simply type the breed that you are looking for in the search section and you will directly be led to a bunch of breeders and cat listed on the web. You can choose one and get in touch by the contact number written in the information box in each breeder or cat.

gokitty offer more advanced search for cats including Burmese. You can set the location and other preferences to make it more relevant to what you want. A list of cat and breeders will be shown and you can get detailed information in the information box. Price and contact number are available too.


Want more than just a search for pet? You may try this website. It offers you search for pets including Burmese cat and you can also get brief information about the pet that you are looking for so you will get deeper insight that may be helpful.