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Havana Brown Cat for Sale

Havana brown cat is a distinctive cat breed among other cat breeds. This is actually rare cat that you may have never seen it yet so far. This cat has solid muscular body, wide tilted ears and muzzle shaped expressive eyes that make it stands out among other cat breeds.

Havana brown is medium-sized cat but when you try to carry you will feel how it is heftier that it looks. It has medium silky coat that appears commonly in warm brown.

Having Havana brown cats is a good thing as they don’t require an intensive grooming. The medium coat they have might need weekly combing only. Other things you may do are nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning to avoid periodontal diseases.

Where to buy?

As Havana brown cat is rare breed, it is might be little bit difficult to find it, but you can find it in some breeders around you if you are lucky. Here some recommendations you can check to find Havana cat around you.


This website offers you a simple search for cats and breeders around you. You can simply determine your location in search and you will see list of cats and breeders around you. The list is completed with detailed information, price and contact number so you can get in touch with the breeder for further information.


Just like the website above, this website provides you a simple search to cat and breeders around you. You can set the location, set another preference like colour, age and pattern so the result will be more accurate. Beside of that, you can brief information about the breed you are looking for so can get more insight.


It is a website which offers a straight forward search for breeders around you. You can get list of breeders around you just in single click. You can set the location so the breeders appear on the list are on your reach. Detailed information about the cats and the breeders is available as well as price and contact number for further information.