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Javanese Cat for Sale

About Javanese cat.

Nothing fancy appearance you can see on Javanese cat breed. This cat appears modestly with short single coat. The body is medium sized and with lean muscle and firm boning. 

However, you will probably opt this cat for your house as this cat is active, full of curiosity yet friendly. This cat has no problem with new environment, people or even other pet. Don’t forget that this cat is also hypoallergenic means that is relatively saver for those who is cat allergenic.

In term of grooming, Javanese cat requires low grooming needs thanks to its short coat. Monthly hair brushing is enough as the fur is not easy to tangle. Nail trimming is necessary as this cat is really active, as well as ear cleaning and teeth cleaning to avoid periodontal diseases. 

Where to buy?

Javanese cat is derived from Siamese but they don’t share same popularity. While Siamese is really well known, Javanese is relatively underrated. You can see Javanese cat in some breeders here in the USA but it is always better to see detailed information about the breeders before you decide. Here are some recommendations for you. 


This website offers you a search for specific cat breed in a specific area. You can simply set the area and set some preferences and you can see list of cat and breeders in the location. It is completed with detailed information in each list so you can decide which is perfect for you.


 Just like the website above, this website provides search for specific cat. You can write the breed you are looking for and you will see list of cats available for adoption. It is not only for buyer but you can also offer your cat as breeder.


This website is probably the first one you choose when you want adopt a pet. It provides search for pet in specific area as well as information about the breed that you are looking for so you can get a deeper insight.