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List of Hypoallergenic Cats


Cats may be a most lovable animal on the earth as so many people love them and own them more than just one cat in a home. However, some people just can’t own cats not because they don’t love but because they are allergic to cats. Here we are going to take a look about what is cat allergic and list of hypoallergenic cats that you may consider if you are allergic to cat.

Cats produce a protein called FelD1 under the skin and in their body liquid, including saliva. By the time, as the process of skin regeneration, dead skin cell is spread to the environment from skin flakes. When cats do their grooming, this protein transforms from saliva to the coat and to the environment and directly to you when you carry them. This process may lead some symptoms for those who are allergic to cats.

Commons symptoms because of cat allergic are:

- Coughing and wheezing

- Hives or a rash on the chest and face

- Red, itchy eyes

- Redness of the skin where a cat has scratched, bitten or licked

- Runny, itchy, stuffy nose

- Sneezing

If you are allergic to cat doesn’t mean that you can’t totally own cat. There are some hypoallergenic cats that have less allergen that may not cause allergic or may cause less severe symptoms. Here is list of hypoallergenic cats that you can consider to own.


Balinese is long-haired cat that has relation with Siamese. This cat breed is suitable for you who want a long-haired hypoallergenic cat.


Another long-haired cat breed that is hypoallergenic is Javanese, that is also derived from Siamese. This cat breed is playful and really friendly to people.

Cornish Rex

If you are into short-haired cat then this breed may be suitable for you. Cornish rex requires less grooming, doesn’t shed, and doesn’t make any deposit fur in your home, thanks to its short coat. t


It seems like Siberian is not included into hypoallergenic cat as it has long coat, but it is. Even though it is long haired cat, Siberian is really agile and active.