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Maine coon Rescue Oregon

Maine coon is popular cat breed in the US. You can probably see it in every cattery here, but have you ever thought that you can get Maine coon cat from the rescue? You can do a kind action and save abandoned cats give their smile back with new family. Here we will take a look where to get Maine coon from the rescuer in Oregon.

Before we go to where you can get the Maine coon cat from the rescuer in Oregon, we will get to know with this big cat breed. Maine coon cat is a big cat breed that the body can reach 16 pound in scale and 20 inches in length. It resembles dog instead of size of cat. However, this cat is really friendly and lovable, and easy to adapt with stranger or even other pet.

Where to adopt?

You can find some many cat rescuer in Oregon and here we get some recommendations that you can check and bring back smile on an abandoned Maine coon.


This website allows you to find cats for adoption based on the location you set. You will be shown list of cat with detailed information and contact number so you can get further information about it.


This commercial website is in affiliate with MCR (Maine Coon Rescue) so you can get the information about cats in Oregon that are available for adoption. Detailed information, price and contact number is available on the information box so you can pick which meets your preferences.


This website provides a straight forward search for cats to adopt. You can set the location and breeds to see available cat for adoption in your preferred location. You can get detailed information for each cat so you can get which fits for you. Another information such as price and contact number are commonly available, too.