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Nebelung Cat for Sale

About Nebelung

Nebelung cat may remind you with how Russian blue appears, they are both medium-sized body with bluish fur, but they are far away different breeds. Nebelung has long and shimmering hair while Russian blue has short coat. The rest are just similar, from the firm and athletic body, long tail to beautiful green eyes. The most lovable thing from Nebelung is its personality. It is a playful, affectionate and loyally cat but they may need more time to adapt with surroundings in the beginning when you adopt it. Once it got adapted with its family then it will be friendly even with children or other pets.

Where to buy?

As Nebelung has a good personality, having one in your house sounds really good. However, it is important to get one from reputable breeders to avoid health problem or genes defect. Here we got some recommendations for you to find whether your perfect cat is really for you.

Petfinder can be a good choice for you if you want to adopt a cat. This website allows you to find breeders around you simply by setting location, setting some preferences and you will see bunch of breeders listed. The list come along with the brief information in the information box completed with the price. It is not only breeders list that you can find here but general information about the breed you are looking for to give more insight.


This website offers you a straight forward search for cat around you. You can set the location and some other preferences to make the search more accurate. You can see list of breeders, their cat, brief information and price. You can also find breeders’ contact number for further information.


Search for cat and cat breeders comes in advance. You can set location, color, pattern and more to make the search more personalized. The search result comes along with photos, detailed information and price about the cat or the breeders.