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Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens for Sale

 Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed that is originated from Northern Europe, a very cold place that forces this breed to adapt by having double coat on his body. The outer coat is long water-resistant glossy hair and the under coat is denser compared the outer coat to help him staying warm in cold place. 

This is a large breed with muscular body which is perfect form for hunting. Yes, as it is naturally forest cat so its hunting instinct remains there. Even though this breed is originated from forest cat but its personality is really lovable. It is friendly and love to be surrounded by its parents.

Grooming is not something complicated for Norwegian forest cats as their long hair is not easy to tangle. Combing once a week is enough while keeping their nail trimmed is necessary to do as well. This breed is not vulnerable so health problem seems to be minimum.

Where to buy?

Norwegian Forest cat is not that popular, in fact they are rare. However, you can find this cat in the breeder around you, if you are lucky. But don’t worry, we have some recommendations to check if you dreamed cat is available.


The easiest way to find cats and breeds is going to this website. You can find cats and breeders with simple search box available in the website. You can simply set the location or postal code so the search result will be nearby you.


Another website you can visit it Just like what you can do on the website above, you can find Norwegian Forest near by you with easy search. Set the location, set some preferences and you will be led to list of cats and breeders near you.


Another website you can check is This web provides you a straight forward search for cats and breeders near you in a flash. Set the location, breed and other preferences and you will get bunch of cat and breeders listed completed with detailed information and contact number so you can get in touch.