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Russian Blue Cat Rescue

About Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat can be a strong nominee when you want an elegant look cat. The dense double coat on the body is really distinguishing, the fur is actually shimmering grey or silver that make it looks sheer blue. The body is slender but it looks bigger because the dense coat, you will know how is actually shaped when you carry it. 

This medium-sized cat has triangular-shaped head with tilted wide ears. The eyes appear in blue, green or sometimes golden. Russian blue looks wild on the outside, but it is a gentle cat inside. It is friendly so that having it along with other pet doesn’t seem a problem.

Even though Russian blue has double coat, it requires less grooming need. Monthly hair brushing is enough than never as the fur is nor easy to tangle. Nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning as necessary as this cat is really active outdoor. 

This cat is relatively healthy and has low risk of genes diseases but taking it to vet for health checking one in a year is better than never.

Russian Blue Rescue

With that adorable factor, Russian blue seem interesting for companion in your house, but some of them may be not that lucky. They are abandoned, have no family, and need an adoption. If you plan to have a Russian blue, you take a kind action by having one from rescuer and give smile back to the cat. Here is where if you want to do so.


This website offers you to involve to kind action of taking care of abandoned cat. You can see list of available cats to adopt as well as the detailed information that can be helpful to see whether the cat is suitable for you.


This website is specialized for Russian blue rescue. You can pick the location you want to see available cats to adopt. There is a map that shows number of cats available in each state.