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Russian Blue Near Me

What to know about Russian Blue?

If you are looking for a lovable and loyal cat to stay in your house Russian blue may be a good choice. It is well known as a good companion with less discharge as it doesn’t shed so you will not be bothered with fur. Another plus point that you may consider is that Russian blue produce less allergen so it suitable for those who have problem with cat allergic.

Russian blue has dense short double coat so, in term of grooming, it requires few grooming needs. You don’t have to do hair combing as the fur doesn’t tangle but taking it a bath once in a week is good to keep its dense coat stay good. Another grooming like nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning is better to do than never.

Adopting Russian Blue.

Looking at how simple it is having Russian blue, adopting on seems interesting. Moreover, as Russian blue is quite popular, it is easy to find it in some breeders around you. But why bother yourself visiting them one by one if you can get a list of breeders around you completed with detailed information and contact number so you can get in touch first.


The breeders listed in this website is registered on TICA (The International Cat Association) so you will have no worry about its reputation. This website offers you list of breeders in the USA completed with contact number so you can get in touch with the breeder.


This website offers you a simple search for cat around you. You can set the location to see list of breeders in the location. Detailed information is provided so you can see whether it is suitable for you or you can get further information by the contact number written down.


Another website that is good to visit is Not just like what you can do on the websites above, here you can get a brief information about the cat you are looking for so you will get a new insight to understand more about the cat you are going to have.