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Siamese Cats Near Me

Siamese cat can be one of the most recognizable cat breeds. The head is really distinctive, a triangle shaped with tall ears that forms like part of triangle face, the nose is straight and long with different fur colour around it. This cat has short silky coat that commonly appears in chocolate or lilac, sometimes blue, red or cinnamon. This breed has beautiful expressive eyes that appear in deep green or blue. Siamese cat is active cat that requires a lot of attention. However, it is friendly that you may see it playing with your children or your other pet.

Siamese cat is born in white, and the colour comes gradually by the age. So, if you find some faded colour in the point coat, it is not dirt. Simple hair combing or brushing once in a week is enough as it has relatively short coat. Another simple grooming like nail trimming and teeth cleaning is necessary to avoid periodontal diseases.

Where to get Siamese cat?

Siamese cat is popular among other cat breeds so is it technically easy to find Siamese cat near you. But if you want more choice, you can check the website below to see if your dreamed Siamese cat is available.


This website will allow you to meet the breeders near you. You can set the location and other preferences so you will get right what you want. Price, detailed information and contact number are available.


Another website you can check is Just like the website above, this website is featured with search for cats around you. You can set the location, age, colour or pattern so the search result will match with your preferences. You can also see some brief information about the cat breed that you are looking for so you can get deeper insight about it.


If you are going to some kind action by being a parent from a Siamese cat then this website if for you. This website allows you to adopt rescued Siamese. Click the rescuer that you want and you will be led to the list of available cats you can adopt.