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Tonkinese Cat for Sale!!

About Tonkinese cat.

Tonkinese cat is a mixed breed created from Siamese and Burmese, that’s why some people will think that it is Siamese in the first glance. This is a medium-sized cat with short silky coat. It comes with various colours and patterns but you will see it mostly in milky white colour. The eyes appear in many colours from blue to gold. When you start to carry it, you will be shock of how it is heftier than how it looks outside. This breed is muscular but with not-that-well-built body, it is rather lean with solid and firm bone.

As Tonkinese cat has short coat, grooming is not that complicated. Weekly brushing is enough as well as nail trimming and dental cleaning to avoid periodontal diseases.

Where to buy?

Many people like Tonkinese cats very much as they resemble Siamese, so finding them is easy. You can find them in catteries near you but finding reputable ones is essential to make sure your cat is healthy. Here some recommendations for you.


This is an all-in-one web for finding cats information and cat itself for adoption. It allows you to search cat and breeders around you. You can simply set the location you want and some preferences and you will find cats and their breeders appear search result. You can find detailed information, price and breeder’s contact number for further information.


This is a website providing simple search for cats and their breeders for adoption. You can set the location so that you will find cats and breeders near by you. Once you clicked ‘search’ you can see a list of cats and breeders completed with detailed information and their contact number so you can get in touch for further information.


This is a breeder’s website that you can rely on. You can simply click the detailed information about the cats you are looking for and see if there is one you are really into. The cats in this breeder are guaranteed for their health so you don’t have to worry about.