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Turkish Angora Cat for Sale


About Turkish Angora.

Turkish Angora is one of natural domestic breed originated from Turkey. It is medium sized cat with firm bone and not-so-muscle body. The cat has long single coat hair that help him to avoid tangles. It has beautiful almond shaped eyes with blue or green in colour. Turkish angora looks really elegant outside but it is actually very active and playful cat. However, this breed is friendly and welcome to stranger or even to other pets.

As Turkish Angora has only single coat, grooming is not that complicated for him. Brushing or combing once a week is enough. Another standard grooming like nail trimming, teeth brushing and ear cleaning is needed. Even though Turkish Angora is relatively healthy and less in genes diseases, taking it to vet is needed to avoid periodontal health problem.

Where to buy?

Turkish Angora has spread all over the world so you can find them easily from the breeders around you. However, you need to check whether you get it from reputable breeders to make sure you get healthy cat with no genes defect. Here you can check some recommendations where you can find your perfect Turkish Angora


This is a simple website to lead you to find your perfect cat. Just set your location and other preferences in the search box then you will find list of breeders around you. You can see some information about the cat, price and contact number to get further information.


Another one to recommend is this website. It offers you straight forward search for breeders based on the location that you can set. You can also search by some point such as colour, pattern or age. Price is provided in the information box so you can get what is perfect for you.


Another one we recommend to visit is this website. It offers not only search tool for cat and breeders but also a brief information about the breed you are looking for to make you understand more about it.