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10 Most Affectionate Cat You Must Have

Are you looking for a four-legged furry pet for your company? Cat might be the best option for you to consider. Although there are lots of argument saying that cats are not affectionate compared to dogs, but it actually depend on the cat or the dog itself. Some might care less while others love interaction with humans.

One of useful tip for you before adopting cat is that you must know that affectionate cats need high social interaction. Owners need to love spending their time socializing with their cats friends because those cats need interaction. Toys entertaining them during your busy time.

Here are the top 10 most affectionate cat you must have

  1. Siamese

    This type of cats are mostly vocal so you need to prepare yourself before picking it as your pet. This breed has its own natural social skill.

    Pale blue eyes and distinctive masked look are their main physical characteristic. History mention that their personality are being one’s favourite among cat lovers around the world.

  2. Ragdoll

    This cat is quite ideal for a low-maintenance animal, besides his loveable characteristic. Ragdoll cat is mostly friendly among other pets and also children, making them great family companions.

    This cats are known to be a good human follower, as they follow them room to room, like to play games and love greeting their owner.

  3.  Sphynx

    While other cats have their fluffy fur, sphinx is a bit different because they have no hair and to keep them comfortable, this type of cats need to another heat source. One of the reason sphynxes affectionate and love to be near by humans is because of their body heat.

    Cuddling benefit both humans and these cats. Others say that having this cat is like having a breathing hot water container. During the day they usually sit on your lap and cuddle during the night.

  4. Persian

    North America are famous with one of the most affectionate cats, "the Persians". One of the physical characteristic of this cats are their long beautiful flowy coats.

    Although Persians included as the most affectionate one, this type of cat is not that energetic. Lounging on the couch might be their best activity beside getting scratches on their ears with owner’s hand.

  5. Maine Coon

    This American cats are known with their mysterious history. Some believe that this big cats are mix between raccoon and cat but scientific evidence make it impossible to say so. Others think that these cats are wanderer together with Viking explorers.

    These cats are affectionate to all people with different ages, they love to be involved in every occasion in the family like sitting at the table for dinner or just lounging on the sofa. Beside their size, this cats are having high intelligent and great hunters.

  1. Scottish Fold

    The name of this breed is based on the ears they have which fold forward. This mutation occurred naturally as the cat appears. The gene in these cats cause their ears to fold forward.

    Sometimes having unique look can be the owner’s consideration to breed them, especially because Scottish fold is also affectionate and love to be with their owners. This breed is not suitable for you who works a lot outside of the house, again this type of cat needs companion and you need to spend your time with them more often.

  2. Tonkinese

    Unlike Siamese, this breed is most likely less vocal and intelligent. Breeders categorise this cat as the loving and most affectionate. The crossing between Burmese and Siamese breeds resulting the Tonkinese and have both characteristic. Tonkinese love their humans as well as their humans love them. Once they are active, attention is a must.

  3. Bombay

    This breed is known as a loving and people’s favourite. Although it is quite rare in north America, but they have lots of followers.

    The main characteristic are their black coat, stunning copper eyes and their sleek which make them stand out among other feline. You will be hooked once you found the cute, clever, social able cuddly Bombay. 

  4. Birman

    Elegance is the first word coming out when seeing this breed. The blue eyes and a long silky coat make them look stunning.

    This cats are so loving and highly adaptable to any kind of home just like American Shorthair. Birman can adapt easily with other pets, anyone and everything around them. They like to play with every home pet and consider them as their companions. 

  5. American Shorthair

    This cats mostly are the house-cat in United States. American shorthair are pretty common in north America, primarily because of their personality and variety of colours. This cats are adaptable for every age making them great companions for big or small family.

    Being held by their humans are the most treasure they might have since they love attention although they do not demand it, not like any other breeds. If you go to work, you may find them sun bathing to kill their boredom.

Breed Characteristics

Affectionate cats have some traits in common. Most of affectionate cats have something in common which are friendly, social, adaptable, and not scaredy cats. They communicate to humans or other living creatures by mewing, murmuring, purring, and every form of joyful and playfulness. These cats often intentionally snuggle or land on your lap when you have rough day just to entertain or cuddle to create endorphin and release your stress.

Breeds to Avoid

The main thing to consider when choosing to breed cats as your pet is try to not picking the independent-minded one. They are task oriented for example like Abyssinian, Norwegian forest cat, or the curly laperm. Another criteria are cats which anti social with humans. These cats are mostly wild and having issue trusting humans and might never be tamed, but you can try if you feel curious.