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A to Z You shlould Know About Kitten Care

Having kittens are interesting experience as it is full of joy and laughter. They are super active and demanding your attention and love. However, having kittens may bring you a new challenge to look after them.

The focus on caring kittens is in the way of acclimating them to family member. You also need to provide them nutrients and health support system to make sure they grow healthily. Here are some essential things to do to look after your new furry friends.

How to Look After Kittens by The Phase

First week of age:

During the age of 0-4 weeks, your kittens are considered newborn. Human interfere is really little as the mother cat may take care of everything.

In this time, the kittens are just developing the first physical motor skill as well as how to adapt with the environment such as temperature and humidity. 

What you need to do is to provide best place for the mother cat and kittens to live. It is also important to give best nutrition to the mother cat as it gives breast feeding. 

In some case human visit is also important to make sure that the kittens are in good condition. Also make sure the condition of the mother which will look after the kittens. 

If the mother cat is not able to look after the kitten, you need to do something. one of the most important things to do is to provide their nutrients by bottle feeding once in 3 hours.   

5-12 Weeks of Age:

in this age, the kittens physical motor system is progressing. They are developing their sense of adventure and curiosity so they may be very active and playful. In this stage kittens are really active so they may do something dangerous.

That’s why more human interfere is required. It is important to limit their playing area, to tidy up some unstable household and to provide save and sturdy playground for them to develop their sense but in save place.

2-5 Months of Age:

In this period you may notice that your kittens are more active than the adult because in this period your kittens are developing their growth quickly. It is the important phase for kittens so providing good nutrients is a must.

You can give high protein individual meals to your kittens 3 times a day. If it is needed, you can build a proper playground for your kittens or let them go outside to adapt with their surroundings. 

6-8 Months of Age:

In the age of 6-8 months, your kittens are reaching their puberty age. Food is not only the main thing to concern about but more to behavioural change that happen.

In this phase you need to spay or neuter your kitten to prepare their sexuality.  Good protein-rich meals are also important for the kittens as well as additional environment for your kitten to find their couple.

What to think about nutrition.

Nutrition is very important part of nurturing kitten. Good diet that match with their need in every stage of age will ensure your kitten to grow healthily and to develop their body for next stage of age. Here will focus on the nutrition you need to prepare for your kitten. 

The first 4 weeks

This is the most crucial stage of kittens life as they are really dependent on their mother cat. You can give high protein meal to the mother cat 4 times a day.

In the case the mother cat is not able to give breast feeding, you have to replace with milk replacement formula 3-4 times a day. You can easily find replacement milk that is suitable for new born kitten

In the stage of 4-6 week

You can start to train your kitten with solid food but make sure that the food is easy to chew. You can try to mix warm milk replacement with high quality canned cat food to develop their jaw.

It is not recommended to give dry cat food as the kittens digestive system is not ready for this kind of food. In term of milk replacement, you can give 3-4 times a day to support their growth.  .

By the age of 6-9 weeks

The kittens should be able to chew solid food. You can start to stop milk replacement and to give your kitten canned or dry food as their daily diet for 3-4 times a day.

Canned food is recommended for your kittens as it can mimic their natural diet beside it provide enough amount of protein and moisture. It is okay if you go for dry food as the cheaper alternative, as it can also provide enough protein and some additional nutrients. 

In the stage of 6 months or more

It is relatively simpler to deal with nutrient for your kittens. The things to keep in mind is that you need to match the food with the kittens behaviour. 

Some big, active and outdoor kittens may need more food than that of indoor cat. Some cat may need high protein canned food while some other is enough with dry cat food. 

You need to feed them 3 time a day and provide enough water to avoid dehydration. The thing is that you have to feed them in the right amount and time then you your kittens will grow healthy and happily.