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10 Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owner


First Time Owners Should Choose a "Low-Maintenance" Cat

Because the first time cat owner may not have any experience with cats, we recommend choosing a low maintenance breed. Their small size and quiet demeanor will help them fit into your lifestyle right away.

You'll still get all the fun of a cat (without all the extra work).


Persians are among the most well-known cat breeds on Earth. With their long, silky fur and comical facial expressions, they're certainly cute as can be.

If you're looking for an active cat that will sleep with you at night, the Persian might not be for you. They are generally laid-back and relaxed. Some even enjoy lounging around on your sofa while you watch TV!


Balinese cats are small, sweet, and simple to care for. Just like most other hairless cats, the Balinese don't need routine grooming like you would expect with a traditional domestic cat. They are generally quiet and professional.


Ragdolls are big, lovable balls of fur who get along great with young children. If your family is small (or if you don't have kids) this cat breed is a great choice. They're low maintenance, so you can focus on enjoying them without the worry of daily care.


The Manx is a hybrid between two different types of cats—the domestic and the wild bobcat. This unique breed is medium in size (about 15-20 pounds) and has a short, bushy tail.

They're great at entertaining themselves with cat toys. If you can't afford to spend much time with your cat, this is a perfect choice for you!

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They're easy to care for since they don't require much grooming or stimulation. These cats are full of energy—they love to play!


Siamese cats are well-known for their high energy and disposition to get along with children. They're a little more active than Persian cats, which means they need more stimulation and attention from their humans.


The Snowshoe is medium-sized cat with large paws that resemble snowshoes. The "snowshoe" gene causes the fur on their feet to grow thick and long. They are known for being trainable and easy to socialize.


If you're on the lookout for a hypoallergenic cat breed, look no further than the sphynx! These cats have virtually no fur at all, which means they don't attract as much cat hair in your home.

American Bobtail

American bobtails are a medium-sized cat with an extra long tail that curls over their back like a ring. This breed is pretty low maintenance and loves to play on the ground. They're a great choice for the first time cat owner.


The Singapura is a small, extremely athletic cat that originated in Singapore. They're very active and love to climb on top of things. If you have a tall cat tree, they'll probably be interested! They've adapted very well to living in cozy homes.


The best cat breeds for first time owners are the ones that don't have a lot of special needs. They also enjoy being with their families and other pets.

These cats require attention but not too much effort on your part to take care of them, which is perfect if you're busy at work most days or just want someone else to think about what they need to eat each day! We hope these tips will help guide you in finding the purrfect feline friend.

If you still can’t decide, then it might be worth talking to your vet before making a final decision and meeting some potential pet friends face-to-face so that everybody has an idea of how well they'll all get along together.