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10 Best Cat Breeds for Kids at Home


Cat Breeds for Kids-Overview

So you've been thinking about getting a cat and you have children in the house but don't know which breeds would be best for your situation. Worry no longer, we've got you covered with our list of the top 10 cat breeds for kids!

This topic explains why it's important to choose a breed that meets your family's needs. Read the descriptions of each of the top 10 cat breeds as recommended by our own writers (including yours truly!).

Longhaired Cats: Persian

Though she may not look like much, this brassy feline is often the favorite for families with kids. She gets along well with everyone and requires little grooming, meaning that she can spend more time snuggling than cleaning!

We've all heard the horror stories of lap cats being mistaken for pillows and suffocated by overenthusiastic children. Happily, the Persian's plush coat protects her from this danger making them a nice choice cat breeds fo kids.

The only real concern a new owner should have is getting their cat used to being around children. Once they've been playing for a while together she'll likely lose interest in them and favour adults again.

British Shorthair

Another classic choice for families with kids is the British Shorthair. These cats have coloured coats that are fun to stroke, and they're prone to seeking out attention wherever they can find it.

Just like their Persian cousins, the British Shorthair has a silky coat designed for snuggling up against you. However, unlike her Persiansque sisters she does require more than average grooming in order to look her best. Pet parents may want to have a lint roller around!

Exotic Shorthair

Not only are Exotics cute, they're also very laid back and adaptable. They're highly suitable for families with kids as long as the child has been brought up around cats their whole life and knows how to interact with pets.

This breed's beautiful coat comes in a variety of shades, making them the perfect choice for people who want color without all the maintenance that comes along with it. One thing potential owners should be wary of is kitty weight gain and sedentary lifestyles.

Exotic Shorthairs are prone to putting on pounds if their owners don't maintain a healthy diet, so be sure to play with your cat every day!

Hairless Cats: Sphynx

If you've ever wanted a cat but can't stand the fur, then consider adopting a hairless breed. Note that this isn't actually the same thing as an albino. If you want a cat with pink or blue eyes, for example, this is not the breed for you!

These cats aren't just cool to look at though; they also have sweet personalities and get along incredibly well with their owners and family members. Just make sure you don't accidentally hurt them when playing or handling them. Despite their lack of hair, these cats can still feel pain.

All American Modern Longhair

This is a great choice for busy families who want an adorable new addition to their home but don't have tons of free time to spend on grooming and playing. All American's require minimal maintenance and they're not prone to obesity. The one drawback is that they're not particularly cuddly or affectionate (though some pet owners love that about them!).

Solid, Splash & Particolour Chartreux

Chartreux cats are known for their unique looks. The solid and particolour coat varieties have beautiful coats of colors ranging from tan to chocolate brown to white.

They're very affectionate and are said to be good with children. Their only drawback is that they need a lot of grooming, as their thick coats tend to mat if left unattended.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is an intelligent cat who's full of loyalty and love. They get along well with other cats and people alike and are prone to getting their owners wrapped around their paws.

The one drawback is that they require grooming in order to keep their long, thick coat healthy, so an investment in a good brush might be necessary. They also tend to put on weight easily if kept indoors all the time. Luckily they're not particularly demanding of attention and can entertain themselves with toys.

Devon Rex

Devons are quiet little cats who tend to be good with children and other pets as long as they're brought up around them from a young age. They also have short coats and just need occasional grooming.

However, their lack of cuddliness makes them a less-than -ideal choice for people who want an affectionate cat.

Japanese Bobtail

If you want a cat that's more like a dog, the Japanese Bobtail is the perfect choice for you. These feisty felines get along well with other pets and are known to have a great sense of humor.

However, they do need quite a bit of attention from their owners – including plenty of grooming.


If you want a cat that's more like an acrobat, then the Munchkin may be the one for you! These cats are just as energetic and active as they are cute, which makes them great cat breeds for kids or families who have lots of free time to spend with them.

They do have a tendency towards obesity though, and may need to be kept indoors in order to prevent that from happening.


When you're considering which cat breed to adopt, it may be important to consider the needs of your kids as well. If they are very young, older cats might not work for them because they need a lot more attention than kittens do.

On the other hand, if your children are old enough to care for a kitten or even an adult cat themselves, then any breed will probably suit their needs just fine! It's also worth noting that all breeds have different personalities and require various levels of interaction with humans so make sure it fits in with what type of personality your child has too before adopting one.

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