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Common Signs Appear When Your Cat Is Sick

It is not easy to pinpoint if your cat is sick. This is related to how cats behave in their natural habitats. Even if cats are sick, they tend to hide their illness to protect themselves, to avoid showing vulnerability and leads threats.

Housecats may have the same behavior even if there are no threats in the house. The cat can bear with illness and move on like nothing happens.

Cats may hide illness but when it becomes worse it will be seen and obvious to humans. In some cases, house cats may not be fear of showing illness as cats may have emotional relationships with their human parents.

They will think the human is not a threat and show their illness to get help. Here are what you can see if your cats are sick.

Signs That Your Cat Is Not in Good Condition.

In the time you notice that your cat is out of behaving, it might have been sometimes your cay is sick. It is really important to be aware of behavioral changes in your cat even if it is really subtle. 

Your Cats are Vomiting

Cats vomit occasionally and it is normal. But if your cats vomit every few days it can be a sign that your cats are not really well. 

Bad Diarrhea

If your cat gets diarrhea it is not a good sign. Diarrhea is a sign of a dietary problem, digestive problem, or parasites in your cat's body. In more severe cases, diarrhea may cause more problems like dehydration or weight loss. Contact your vet soon if you find your cats get diarrhea.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is the most common sign that your cats are not in a good condition. Almost any kind of illness can cause loss of appetite in your cat. You cannot exactly know what happens with your cats when they lose their appetite so you need your vet to involve. Losing of appetite can be harmful to your cat so you need to contact your vet immediately if your cats losing their appetite for few days.

Weight changes including gain and weight loss

It will be always a concern when your cats change their weight whether it is loss or gain especially when it happens dramatically. It can be a sign of a health problem. Sadly you cannot diagnose what happens with your cat only by seeing their weight changes so you need to make an appointment with your vet when your cat changes weight dramatically.

Loss of energy

A healthy cat is commonly energetic and active. If your cats lose their energy and lay around too long and sleep more often than usual you need to concern because it is can be a sign of health problems. 

Changes in urination

Urination is crucial to address in terms of health. The changes in urination on your cats are a bad sign as it represents problems inside the cat's body. This change may be caused by urinary tract issues or even worse kidney problems. Call your vet immediately if you find inappropriate urine like blood or urine color.

Changes in breathing behavior

Inappropriate breathing behavior like wheezing, rapid breathing, shortness of breathing, and raspy breathing should be things of concern. You cannot pinpoint what happens with your cats by only seeing them breathing inappropriately so if you find signs above you would be better to see your vet immediately.

Discharge from eyes and nose

Any discharge from the eyes and nose on your cats is a normal thing but when it becomes worse it may be a problem. Bad eye and nose discharge can indicate problems in the upper respiratory system. This condition is uncomfortable for your cats that may lead to breathing difficulty. Call your vet if the discharge remains for a long time and doesn’t heal.

Hair loss and skin irritation

Cats shed regularly and you can see a sign by how much fur is lost when they shed. If you see too much hair loss it can be a sign of health problems. It can be an allergy, flea, or another skin problem. Another sign that you may concern about is that if your cats have skin irritation. If you see your cats have skin irritation you need to contact your vet to get some help. 

Increased vocalization

If you see your cats out of behaving like vocalizing a lot it may sign from your cat to get some help. Increased vocalization may sign of sick, stress, pain on some body parts. Explore your cat's behavioral issue and get some professional help if it is needed.

Changes of personality

Over time, your cats will change their personality and it is normal. In particular cases, personality change may be a sign of a health problem. If your friendly cats become aggressive or your active cats become afraid, you need to be concerned. Unfortunately, you cannot examine your cats by yourself so you need professional help if you see your cats get change personality.

Swelling on some area

This is an obvious sign that your cats get some health problem: if you see swelling on some area on their body. It can be an ignored wound that turns into an abscess or even a tumor. Call your vet immediately if you see this sign on your cats.

Things you can do to prevent your cats from illness.

One of the most important things to do to keep your cats healthy is a regular vet check. People may underestimate the importance of regular vet-check or even wait until they see some sign of health problems in their cats.

Some people may ignore to avoid getting their cats on the way to the vet. Some cats may become aggressive on the way, become extremely anxious and uncomfortable.

To overcome this you can pick a home service that allows your vet to come to your house. This will make your cats more comfortable. You can pick annual veterinarian check annually.

Your cats will get the benefit from early detection if they get some health problem. Older cats that may be more vulnerable to health problems can appear healthy with health reports.

If you find your cats get some problems you can get some help quickly before it gets worse. Some junior cats get benefits by knowing what you can do to keep your cats healthy especially in terms of diet.

Another thing you can do to keep your cats healthy is by providing them healthy food. Make sure you provide high protein and low carb food to avoid obesity.

If you are not sure about the most suitable food you can provide you can hear recommendations from your vet. The surrounding where your cats live takes an important role in your cat's health.

A low-stress environment will maintain your cat to live happily and healthily. A clean environment will avoid your cats from the risk of parasites and other external health problem