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Top 10 - Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cat

Overview - Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cat

If you are having trouble getting your cat to play with toys, this article will be a great help. We have pick 10 best cat toys for indoor cats that will stimulate your kittens and engage their instincts to hunt and pounce.

It is important to find the right kinds of toys for your kitty or she may not really enjoy playing with them. The following are great for kittens and adult cats alike.

1. Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

This is a classic interactive toy that will entertain your cat for hours at a time. It bounces unpredictably so you'll never know what will happen next. It probably makes it even more fun to play with—for both of you.

A major benefit of this toy is that it doesn't require batteries or electricity, so it can be used anywhere. It's perfect for playing with your cat on the go or if they are sick and need a way to engage their mind and exercise while recovering from illness.

2. The Refillable Catnip Toy

If your cat is a real fan of catnip, she's sure to love these cute refillable toys. Although they're not exactly the most durable toy ever made, they last longer than you might think and are inexpensive to buy replacements for.

Even if your cat isn't normally into catnip, you should still give this toy a try, because not all cats are the same—some love it and some don't care at all. If your kitten loves catnip, be sure to check out our article The Best Catnip Toys for Indoor Cats.

3. All-Natural Catnip Spray

For an alternative way to give your cat the catnip experience she loves, you can also try this all-natural spray. It's made from chemicals that cats have been known to react positively towards and is great for introducing kitty to quality catnip if she isn't already a fan of it.

This spray can be sprayed on almost any pet toy or anywhere in the house or yard. If your kitten seems hesitant about it at first, try spraying some on her paw so she can get used to the smell and then lightly rub it on the toy.

4. Da Bird Cat Toy

The Da Bird cat toy is great for getting your cat's attention and allowing her to release all of that pent up energy indoors. It's a mix between a stick and feather toy, with an elastic string attached to it so you can wave your hand around and make it twitch. Cats love this type of movement because they are naturally hunters.

To get even more interaction out of this toy, use catnip spray on the bottom of it before playing.

5. The Jingly Ball

This cute little jingle ball is a fun way to keep your cat busy and entertained while she's alone during the day or when you're away from home for extended periods of time. She will love chasing after this ball once you get it moving because it feels like prey animals do when they are trying to run away from a predator.

If the first ball isn't your cat's favorite, you can also try this one , which has even more jingley parts!

6. Catnip Banana Toy

This simple banana-shaped toy is great for introducing your kitten or older feline to catnip if they aren't already fans. It's made of all-natural materials and includes catnip that can be sprayed on before playtime to get your kitty interested.

7. Red Feather Mice Toy

Feathers are a great toy for engaging natural hunting instincts in your cat, which is why this red feather mouse toy is so popular. It can be moved around to make it look like real prey, which will get your cat's attention and send her hunting instincts into overdrive.

To extend the life of this toy, dip the end of each feather in some extra-strength all-natural freeze-dried chicken catnip before playtime so your kitty will be extra interested in it.

8. The Go Cat Da Bird Interactive Wand

The Go Cat Da Bird is a classic interactive wand toy that is loved by cats and humans alike. It features an elastic string attached to a stick with feathers on the end of it, which allows you to move it around unpredictably so your cat will be sure to notice it.

It's great for getting your cat active while you keep a handle on the situation, but be sure to pay attention as there is some risk for injury if she gets her paws caught in the elastic string or something like that.

9. The Aardwolf Bird Toy

Cats are natural hunters, and they'll love chasing after this cute little Aardwolf bird toy. It looks like an owl and is great for practicing pouncing on prey that moves around.

It's also a good way to help your cat get some exercise when you aren't home or can't directly supervise her during playtime. You can hold it still for her so she can pounce on it or move it around yourself and watch her chase after it.

For the best results, add some all-natural freeze dried chicken catnip spray to the toy before you play with it together.

10. The Smokey Mouse Cat Toy

This furry little mouse is a great way to give your kitten a chance to practice her hunting and pouncing skills without having access to live animals. She'll also love the texture of it, which is similar to that of prey such as small mice.

Conclusion - Best Cat Toys

When it comes to finding the best cat toys for your feline friend, there are a lot of options out there. But some people may not know where to start or what types of toy will be most fun and beneficial to their pet.

If you're going through this dilemma yourself, we hope that our list of 10 Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats has helped you narrow down your choices!

And remember - while these top picks can help keep your indoor kitty happy during those long winter months. Please make sure that they also have plenty of fresh water (and food!), exercise time outside with supervision, and lots of love from YOU.